Frequently Ask Questions

NotaryPing is a service that provides on-demand access to notaries nationwide through a mobile application, offering a user-friendly way to find and book notary services instantly and securely.

With NotaryPing, you can quickly find local notaries using the app’s central directory. The service utilizes GPS to show notaries in your area, allowing for on-demand booking and real-time tracking.

Yes, NotaryPing prioritizes your privacy and security. The app features secure call options and protects your personal information throughout the booking and notarization process.

You can schedule notary services on-demand by creating an account or logging in, choosing from certified notaries, and receiving immediate confirmation of your bookings.

By subscribing to the Premium plan, you can earn a Top Rated Notary Badge (subject to approval) which distinguishes your profile for users. Additionally, keeping your profile up-to-date and responding promptly to service requests can enhance your visibility and attractiveness to potential clients.

Yes, NotaryPing offers real-time tracking of notaries, so you can see their arrival time and prepare your documents accordingly.

NotaryPing boosts your visibility to potential clients through a unified marketing platform, allowing you to display your availability for work with just a click on your profile. It effectively tackles the challenge of market oversaturation and difficulty in attracting clients.

The platform offers features like online availability indicators, GPS-located services, live booking, anonymous calls for privacy, user-friendly profiles, and messaging options to facilitate seamless interactions with clients.

NotaryPing is committed to geographical expansion and feature development, which will broaden the market and service offerings. This includes diversification into services like remote notarization, providing notaries with more opportunities to serve clients in various capacities and locations.

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